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My former clients from all over the world as I proudly served the military community and my German clients are on the Slide Show below.These are some of my new customers , thank you for your trust and loyalty.

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These are the reasons i love to work with all Critters it is exiting, fulfilling, challenging and "soooo" much fun when you see how well they trust you, even when you clean there ears and cut there nails I would not trade my job for any other job.

Some of Farnum's  Family Critters 
Nipper,Snicker Doodle, Homie, Red Eyes, Oliver, Oscar. 

The West family is back and every one gets a hair cut this time, would you like to know how much hair a guinea-pig can have ! see for your self 
            "Lula", "Lola", "Maxi"


all this hair is only from the guinea-pig you see here 
Please do not try this at home with out the now how ,you can cut, insure or stress your pet to a dangerous out come.  

Maxi does not like her pics taken put she is wonderful to work with  

Ce Ce her first hair cut such a good girl                                                                               



and now just relaxing
                                               Luna got shaved down       


        Shrek  Mula  Herbie 




                           Molly before and after


                                                     Scamp is back


           "Maxi" "Lula"and "Lola"





                              Farnum family                                    

                                   Mai Ling 



          Katie before and after


             Kodi before and after


                          Katie and Kodi


Scamp one of the new kids on the block